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Our Top 4 Tips to Stay Healthy & Active

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

This article was originally posted on Activities in Motion. You can view the original article here.

Before joining AIM Fitness, most of my clients had a hard time committing and sticking to a workout routine. Our goal as a company is to increase energy levels and motivate our clients so that sticking to a workout routine becomes part of their lifestyle.

Here are our TOP 4 HEALTH TIPS:

1. Make fitness a lifestyle, NOT a short-term goal.

Exercising for 3 months will not improve your health long-term. I work with most of my clients year-round and because of it, they see ongoing changes and improvements that are life-changing.

2. Celebrate the small wins.

If you have never been active before, applaud yourself when you exercise! Celebrate after you go for a walk every day or find other ways to stay active! Maybe you can be a part of a friend or loved one’s health journey as well! Talk to your friends and maybe you can keep each other accountable, start small and set reasonable goals. I know many seniors who are healthier than their kids.

3. Develop ONE healthy habit at a time.

Instead of changing five things at once (and giving up) focus on one healthy habit per month. Choose one fitness or nutrition habit per month. It takes 21 days to build a new habit – so set yourself up for success! Think about this, at the end of the year you will have 12 NEW healthy habits!

4. Adopt a healthy mindset.

If you have a bad track record for change, maybe you don’t believe in yourself to actually maintain healthy choices. Find a friend or loved one who can keep you accountable and point out how well you are doing and get them to remind you of successes from the past!

Instead of focusing on the long-term, remember that every SMALL healthy decision will add up over time!!

You’ve got this!!

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