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Interview with Mariette St-Denis

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Mariette St-Denis, from Visavie is a Senior Advisor who helps seniors and their families prepare to move and find a retirement home in the Ottawa area. In our interview, we discuss what seniors can do today in order to be ready to move, whether it's in the next year or 5 years. We talk about the myths about retirement living and we discuss examples of seniors who thrived and were empowered in their move and others who were less than thrilled. Tune in for an interesting conversation!

Whether you are living in your own home, planning to downsize or unsure of the options, this interview will be insightful for you! Thank you to Mariette who is our Fitbit Giveaway Sponsor (this giveaway has now ended). The Fitbit Inspire HR gives you the motivation you need to take healthy exercise "snacks" throughout the day. It has a list of amazing features, including tracking your sleep patterns, heart rate, and you can also link and compete with friends and family members.

Watch the interview by clicking this link:

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Bio: Meg has been teaching senior's fitness classes for the past 15+ years in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is passionate about fitness, cooking, and going on walks with her dog Finley. Learn about our all NEW At-Home Exercise Program!! Do you want to maintain your independence and continue living your life the way you choose? Join AIM Fitness Online - a Monthly Subscription Fitness Program for Adults 50+.

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