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How are YOU best Motivated to Exercise? Take the FREE Quiz!

We are all motivated in different ways when it comes to our exercise routine. Do you need to plan your workouts out in advance, or do you prefer to take each day as it comes?

Take the FREE quiz and see what Motivation Type you best relate to!

1. A Self-Motivator is someone who is motivated from within. You are someone who knows it's time to focus on yourself and you are ready to give it your all! No matter what others around you are doing, you are committed to reach your fitness goals!

2. An Inspired Action Taker enjoys variety in their workout plan and likes to exercise when it works for them. It'll be helpful for you to choose a few different fun activities that you enjoy in order to stay motivated!

3. A Rewarder enjoys setting short term and long term goals, along with a reward for when you reach that goal. This may be a new workout shirt, new running shoes, or even a pat on the back to celebrate your wins as you go!

4. A Scheduler likes having a daily to-do list, and enjoys "checking" off their workout for the day. Creating a worksheet with your daily exercises and walks, and keeping it on your wall can help you stay motivated to keep at it each day!

Which Motivation Type do you identify most with? The Self-Motivator, The Inspired Action Taker, The Rewarder, or the Scheduler?

Take the FREE Motivation Quiz:

Take the AIM Fitness FREE Motivation Quiz HERE to gain more insight and to learn about how to can stay motivated to exercise!!!

To learn more about motivation and fitness for seniors, contact Meg at AIM Fitness, 613-869-3246 or email


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